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This document establishes the general terms and conditions for the use of the website of Café Algraná SA DE CV with fiscal address at Car. Lechería-Los Reyes Km. 23 + 500, Texcoco, Edo. Mex, Cp. 56100. Mexico. (The Company), available at which includes, especially, the request for orders ("Products") and services ("Services") from Café Algraná.


Please read these terms and conditions of sale (the "Terms and Conditions") carefully before using our website and ordering our Products and Services.


Using our website to place the aforementioned orders will mean that you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.


Please note that we offer a wide range of Products and Services, the description of which on the web may differ from the actual products in aspects such as color, shape and size, and additional terms may sometimes apply. In such cases, we will notify you accordingly.



1. General


1. 1. These Terms and Conditions shall apply to the use of the website, as well as to the presentation of all offers and agreements reached through the Company's website.


1. 2. The term "Client" shall mean any person who visits our website or a natural or legal person who establishes some type of contractual relationship with the Sociedad de Café Algraná. The term "Consumer" shall mean any natural person within the meaning of the definition established in article 2 of the Federal Law on Consumer Protection and other complementary laws (hereinafter, the "LFPC").


1. 3. The Company reserves the right to make the changes it deems appropriate to this website, to the policies and to the terms and conditions, including these Terms and Conditions, since such changes may be important. The Company will inform you of the change made to the Terms and Conditions by sending a list of the modifications made to the Terms and Conditions to the email address indicated by the Client in the registration form. Information on changes to these Terms and Conditions will be made no later than 14 days after the changes were included in the Terms and Conditions. In the event that the Client does not

accept the new Terms and Conditions, you will be obliged to notify the Company within 14 days from the date on which the modifications to the Terms and Conditions were notified. All Customers will be subject to the Terms and Conditions in force at the time they order Products from Sociedad de Café Algraná.


1.4. If any of these Terms and Conditions is considered invalid, null or unenforceable, for whatever reason, said condition or term will be deemed unenforceable and will not affect the validity and applicability of the

remaining conditions and terms.


1.5. To buy Products or contract Services on the website, the Client must be at least 18 years old. If you are under 18 years of age, you may use our Services only with the participation of a parent or guardian. If the Customer places an order for someone else, it is their responsibility to ensure that the end recipient is of the appropriate age to view and use the Product or Service.


2. Your account. Orders. Offer, availability and acceptance of the offer by the Company.


2.1. The web can be used as long as the Client's computer system meets

minimum technical requirements, Internet Explorer 10, Chrome 75 or Firefox 60, or a newer version, JavaScript and cookies enabled, as well as an internet connection.


2.2. To place an order, the Client must access the web select Products or Services and an associated payment method. The Customer can place orders as a "guest-user" or

registering your profile on the web. Registration allows the Customer to use the access data (username and password) that he selects when registering for the first time to be able to place more orders.


2.3. When using our web services, the Client is responsible for keeping his username and password secret, and for restricting access to his computer. To the extent permitted by law, the Client is responsible for using the Company's website in accordance with the law and the Terms and Conditions, as well as complying with the prohibition on providing illegal content. The Client must inform the Company immediately if he has reason to believe that someone has had access to his password or if it is being used, or has been used, in an unauthorized manner.


2.4. The Client is responsible for ensuring that the data provided to the Company are correct and complete, having to notify us of any changes that may occur and having to provide us with updated information in the section

corresponding website. The Company reserves the right to refuse to provide service, to close accounts or to delete or edit content if the Client contravenes applicable laws, these Terms and Conditions or any applicable guidelines or policies.


2.5. By placing an order, the Customer is ready to buy a Product and / or contract a Service subject to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions. An order placed through the web will be an offer and will not be considered a contract to purchase the Product or Service. The first email sent to the Client only represents the confirmation of receipt of the offer.


2.6. The Client's offer is accepted and the contract with the Client (the "Contract") is formalized only when the Company sends the Product (s) and / or provides the Services and the Client receives the corresponding email by

the one that confirms that the order placed will be processed.


2.7. Acceptance of orders is subject to availability as the price of the order and the quantities of the Products and Services included in the order are confirmed. Shipping times may vary depending on availability and warranties and declarations made will be considered indicative, that is, delivery times will be subject to any delay that may occur due to postal inconveniences or force majeure.


2.8. Products and Services are only sold in quantities that correspond to the normal needs of the average household. We reserve the right to limit the availability of Products and Services and the acceptance of purchase orders in terms of quantities.


3. Prices and payments


3.1. All prices of Products and Services will be expressed in Mexican pesos ($) and will include applicable taxes, including VAT. The prices invoiced will be those in force on the date of execution of the order.


3.2. Although the Company tries to guarantee that all the information, descriptions and prices of the Products and Services that appear on its website are correct, there is always the possibility of errors. If the Company discovers an error in the price of any Product or Service requested, it will immediately notify the Client and inform him of the correct price. In that case, the Client may either reconfirm the order at the correct price or cancel it. If a confirmation is not received that the correct price is accepted or that the order placed by the Client is canceled within 7 (seven) days after the information was provided, the Company will consider the order canceled and will inform about it. to the client.


3.3. The prices indicated do not include shipping costs, which will be borne by the Customer if it has not been agreed otherwise. The total amount indicated on the "check order" page and confirmed by email will be the total amount that the Customer must pay for the Products he has ordered, including any taxes, levies, environmental charges and transport costs.


3.4. The Company may periodically offer discount codes that will be applied to the purchase of its Products or Services, or of certain Products or Services, through this website. The special terms and conditions related to said discounts will be communicated at the time of issuance.


3.5. To buy Products and Services, the Client must have a valid credit or debit card or any other means of payment accepted by the Algraná Café Society and provide sufficient financial means to cover the cost of purchasing the Products and Services. The Company reserves the right to reject any request made by the Client that does not satisfy this requirement. The Company reserves the right to reject any request made by the Client after verifying the data provided, which must be correct and precise.


3.6. When receiving an order from the Client, the Company will carry out a standard pre-authorization check on the Client's payment card to ensure that there are sufficient funds with which to pay for the purchase of the Product (s). Products will not be dispatched until said pre-authorization check has been favorably resolved. Once the order has been accepted, the card will be charged with the amount resulting from the order. If the card cannot be loaded within 5 (Five) days following the date on which the Company confirms the order, the Client's order will be automatically canceled and the Company will notify them.


3.7. Regarding each completed order, the Sociedad de Café Algraná will issue an invoice with the data provided by the Customer during the purchase process. The Company will send the invoice to the Client by email once the shipment of the Products (or the performance of the contracted Services) has been confirmed.

4. Delivery


4.l. The address indicated by the Client will be considered correct for shipping the Products and Services.




4.2. Multiple addresses may not be included in the same order. In the event that the Client wishes to receive the Products and Services at separate addresses, they will

separate orders for the set of Products and Services that you want to send to each of the addresses.


4.3. The type of delivery, the average delivery time and the prices offered by our company can be consulted in the corresponding section of the web. Delivery times are indicative, so the delivery or dispatch dates provided will be met in accordance with Mexican law. Delivery times will be extended as necessary to make a correct delivery of the Products, in the event that the delay is due to a situation beyond our reasonable control.


4.4. If the requested Product is not available in the warehouse at the time of placing the order and is incorrectly indicated on the web as available, it could cause a delay in the execution of the order or its cancellation, a fact of which the Customer will be informed immediately.


4.5. When the Products are delivered by courier service, the Customer must check that the number of packages received corresponds to the number indicated in the delivery note, in addition to checking whether the packaging is damaged, intact or wet. The Client must notify the courier of any damage that they notice to the packaging or the Products, as well as notify the Company of said damage through the free phone number +52 55 2336 1148, the chat that can be found on our website or through sending the form that you can access through the following link:


4.6. With their username and password, the Client will be able to check the summary of orders placed in their Client profile and instantly track the orders. Among the information you can find is the



● Order / payment rejected: Customer's payment failed.

● Waiting for payment: the Customer has placed orders, but has canceled the period before making the payment.


● Order received: the purchase order has been received.


● Order acceptance confirmation: the Customer's offer to purchase the Products or Services has been accepted.


● Order in preparation: the process of preparing the Products ordered and the organization of the delivery of the package by courier has begun.


● Order sent: the courier service has collected the Products that will be delivered to the address provided by the Customer. From this one

At this time, the Customer will be able to track their package through the carrier's website.


4.7 In relation to questions related to the status of the order, the Customer may contact the company in charge of making the shipment: UPS or FedEx.


4.8 The Products or Services will only be sent to addresses that are within the territory of Mexico,


5. Risk and ownership


5.1. When the Products are delivered to the address indicated in the order, the risk will be transferred to the Customer.


5.2. When the Products are paid for, ownership will transfer to the Customer.


6. Return / Product return policy


6.1. Consumers may return the Products purchased under the Contract without penalties and without the need to state the reasons during the 14 days following the delivery of the Product in question. To fulfill said

term, the Consumer must send the withdrawal form through the link and must return the product or the address indicated in the attached invoice within 14 days after the withdrawal date of the contract. The exercise of the right of withdrawal must be carried out in accordance with the "Information concerning the exercise of the right of withdrawal by the Consumer" attached in these Terms and Conditions. The direct costs of returning the item / s will be borne by the Consumer.


The right of withdrawal will be exercised in accordance with the "Information concerning the exercise of the right of withdrawal" attached to these Terms and Conditions. The Consumer will bear the direct costs

resulting from the return of the articles in those cases in which the return is the result of the exercise of the right of withdrawal.


When the reason for the return of the Product by the Consumer is the lack of conformity of the Product in question - that is, that the Product has defects, does not meet the qualities or characteristics indicated on the web, is damaged or is incorrect - the service Collection of the product will be free and the full amount of the Product will be reimbursed.


The Company will be responsible for collecting the Product that you wish to return at your home address or at the address provided by the Customer Service, both in case of exercise of the right of withdrawal and in case of lack of

Product conformity. In the event that the return is made exercising the right of withdrawal (and, consequently, it is not motivated by a lack of conformity of the Product) the collection service will have a fixed cost of

$ 250 mxn for the Consumer.


6.2. The Product must be returned with its packaging and in its original condition, and following the Company's instructions for this purpose that accompany the shipment, in addition to the warranty cards, manuals, accessories and credit cards.

discount or Products shipped free of charge.

Refund Policy

6.3. No later than 14 (fourteen) days from the date on which the Product to be returned is delivered to the courier sent by Café Algraná, the payments made by the Consumer will be reimbursed, not including the extra shipping costs in the that the Consumer could have incurred by the delivery method different from the less expensive mode of ordinary delivery that we offer and discounting, if applicable, the cost of returning the product, that is, two hundred fifty (250) Mexican pesos. The refund of the payment will be made by the same payment method that the Consumer has made. Reimbursement of payments received from the Consumer may be withheld until the returned product is received. After receiving the return of the Product in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, an invoice correction will be issued for the corresponding amount. The Consumer will be responsible for reductions in the value of the Product that may have been caused as a result of the use made of it more than is considered necessary to verify the nature, characteristics and Functioning of the Product.


7. Warranty


7.1. The Client will check the Products delivered as soon as they are received to see if they contain visible defects or if they conform to the provisions of the Contract and, if applicable, the Company will be notified immediately.


7.2 The rights derived from the Guarantee will be exercised in accordance with the conditions specified in the guarantee documents provided with the Product. To benefit from the terms of the guarantee granted with the Products, the Consumer should contact the Customer Service Department by calling the following number +52 55 2336 1148 or consult the conditions on our website; You must indicate the invoice number and the date of issue, or the code of the order placed. The Customer Service Department will notify you how to proceed with the Warranty.


7.3. The Company supplies Products without defects. If the Product does not comply with the provisions of the Contract, the Customer may exercise the rights of the Guarantee in accordance with the provisions of the TRLCU. Rights may be exercised if defects are discovered within 2 (two) years of purchasing the Product online; they must be notified to the Company within 2 (two) months of being detected.


7.4. The Customer may not repair, replace the Product or any part found to be defective, or reimburse the corresponding shipping costs in the following situations, subject to the legal provisions:


1. a) if the Product has been repaired or modified by persons other than the manufacturer or an authorized person; me

2. b) if the lack of conformity of the Product is apparent two (2) years after delivery of the Product and / or if the corresponding request for repair or replacement of the defective Product, submitted in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph, was sent more than two (2) months after the defect was discovered; me

3. c) if the defects have been caused (in whole or in part) by improper use, improper storage, maintenance or installation, or by not following the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the Product.


7.5. Repairs or replacements will be carried out within a reasonable time after the request has been submitted and will not cause significant disruption to the Customer, taking into account the nature of the Product and the purpose for which it was purchased.


7.6. Claims will be dealt with within 30 (thirty) days from when they are received.


7.7 No provision of these Terms and Conditions limits the rights of the Client or Consumer contemplated in the provisions of the TRLCU, including those derived from the provisions on guarantees specified in the Civil Code.

8. Limitation of liability


8.1. Although the Company makes every effort to ensure that the services are available in an interrupted and faultless manner, it cannot always be ensured due to the nature of the internet system and the suspensions or technical restrictions that may occur, related or not to repairs, works of

maintenance or new services. The Company will do its best to limit the number and duration of said suspensions or restrictions.


8.2. Our Company will not be liable to the Client, who is not considered a Consumer, for delays or failures that occur due to a cause beyond our reasonable control, and in no case for (i) losses suffered as a result of a breach of our Company , or (ii) a loss of business (including loss of profits, revenue, contracts, anticipated savings, data, goodwill, or wasted expense) or (iii) any indirect or consequential unforeseen loss caused to third parties when the Contract for the sale of Products with our company. This provision also applies to natural persons who purchase Products or Services for purposes directly related to their business or professional activity.


8.3. These Terms and Conditions do not affect the legal right of the Consumer to send goods or provide services within a reasonable period of time, or to receive a refund if the goods or services requested could not be delivered within a period of reasonable time as a result of a cause beyond its reasonable control.


8.4. Any liability with respect to the Customer, who is not considered a Consumer, will be limited to the purchase price of the Product. Our Company will never be responsible for indirect damages.


8.5. Any limitation of liability in the contract signed with the Client will be limited to what can be legally excluded. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall limit or exclude liability for fraudulent statements made by us or for death or physical injury caused by a negligent or malicious act on our part.

9. Current law and jurisdiction


9. 1. These Terms and Conditions will be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Mexico.


9.2. We will try to resolve possible discrepancies quickly and efficiently. The Consumer may file a claim to enforce consumer protection rights in relation to these Terms and Conditions in Mexico.


9.3. The Federal Consumer Prosecutor's Office provides an out-of-court resolution procedure: online dispute resolution. The competent bodies are listed on the following website:

programs / services The electronic address of the Company is the following:


9.4. The current Terms and Conditions are published on the web and can be sent to the Client electronically (to the electronic address indicated in the Client's Account) at no cost.

10. Corporate data

Below, we indicate the corporate information of the Company:

Café Algraná SA DE CV, with registered office at Car. Lechería-Los Reyes

Km. 23 + 500 Bodega 1, Texcoco, Edo. Mex, Cp. 56100. Mexico.

11. Processing of personal data


11.1. Basic information on data protection:


● Responsible for the treatment: Café Algraná SA DE CV, with registered office at Car. Lechería-Los Reyes Km. 23 + 500 Bodega 1, Texcoco, Edo. Mex, Cp. 56100. Mexico.

● Purpose of the treatment: establishment and fulfillment of contractual relationships and the resulting obligations, functional management and strictly related purposes for accessing the website, conducting surveys and marketing.

● Legitimation: express consent, the execution of a contract and legitimate interest.

● Recipients: Café Algraná.

● Rights: Access, rectify and delete the data, as well as other rights, as explained in the additional information.


11.2. To obtain additional and detailed information on the treatment of Clients' personal data, you can consult our Privacy Policy, available at the following link:




By using a web service, the Client is responsible for keeping his account and password confidential, and for restricting access to his computer and, to the extent permitted by law, the Client agrees to be responsible for the activities that take place in your account or with your password. The Client will take the necessary measures to guarantee that the password is kept confidential and secure, and must

You have reason to believe that someone may have known it or if it is being or could be used without your authorization.


The Client is responsible for ensuring that the data provided to the Company are correct and complete, as well as for communicating to the Company any changes that they may undergo. The Client will be able to access and update, in the corresponding section of the web, all the information provided to our company, including the account values.


The Company reserves the right to refuse to serve, to close accounts or to delete or edit content if the Client violates the applicable laws and these Terms and Conditions.

Information concerning the exercise of the right of withdrawal by the Consumer


A. Instructions for withdrawal


Right of withdrawal


Dear consumer:


You have the right to withdraw from these terms and conditions within 14 (fourteen) days without explaining the reasons.


The withdrawal period will expire after 14 (fourteen) days from the date on which you have taken possession of the goods or have been done by a third party, other than the carrier, at your request.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, you must inform our company of your decision by means of an unequivocal statement to this effect to our Customer Service department in one of the following ways:



1. By calling +52 55 2336 1148.

2. Communicating it by using the chat on our website.

3. By using and sending the form that you can access through the following link:


To meet the deadline for the period to withdraw, it is enough that you have contacted the Customer Service department by one of the three previous channels and have unequivocally declared your intention to exercise the right of withdrawal before the corresponding period expires. .


Effects of withdrawal


If you withdraw from these terms and conditions, we will refund the payments you have made to us - including shipping costs, less any additional costs resulting from choosing a type of shipping other than the least expensive standard shipping that we have offered - without undue delay. and, in any case, no later than 14 (fourteen) days from the date the Company receives the property that it wishes to return. We will refund the money by the same means of payment that you have used in the initial purchase operation, except in the case that you have expressly agreed to another means. In any case, you will not have to pay any amount as a result of the refund, with the exception of two hundred fifty (250) Mexican pesos corresponding to the cost of shipping the return.


We may withhold the refund until we have received the returned goods.


You must return the goods (the complete product, including the instruction manual, accessories, original packaging, and any other additional materials) without undue delay and, in any case, no later than 14 (fourteen) days after we has communicated its intention to withdraw from the contract. You will meet the return deadline as long as you send the goods before the expiration of the period of 14 (fourteen) days from the communication of your intention to withdraw from the contract.



Keep in mind that you will have to bear the direct cost of returning the goods, which will amount to a total of two hundred fifty (250) Mexican pesos.

Please note that we will bear the direct cost of returning goods that are broken or not working, or those that have been wrongly shipped or incorrectly invoiced.


It will only be responsible for the loss of value of the goods as a result of having manipulated them beyond what is necessary to establish their nature, characteristics and operation.


B. Model for the exercise of the right of withdrawal


(We kindly ask you to complete and return this form in accordance with the instructions provided by our Customer Service department and / or as indicated in the return instructions that accompany the shipment only if you wish to withdraw from the Contract.)



● To: Café Algraná SA DE CV, with registered office at Car. Lechería-Los Reyes Km. 23 + 500 Bodega 1, Texcoco, Edo. Mex, Cp. 56100. Mexico.

● I / we ……………………… hereby communicate that I withdraw / we withdraw ………………. of my / our …………… sale contract relating to the following goods …………………………… ..

● Order placed on ………………. / Received on …………………………… ...

● Name and surname of the consumer (s) ………………………… ...

● Address of the consumer (s) ……………………………………….

● Signature of the consumer (s) ………………………………………… ....

● Date ……………………………………………………………………………

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