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Focus on your business
We take care of the coffee.

Coffee service for offices and corporate


100% Mexican


Coffee aroma in your office


coffee makers

Super automatic

Increase your productivity and pamper them with a delicious coffee

We place our Superautomatic Coffee Maker in your office that prepares coffee instantly and is very easy to use, in addition to providing our delicious coffee. Don't worry about replenishing consumables and maintaining your coffee machines.


Great flavor at low cost...  with the push of a button.

Our machines grind the coffee instantly with a single click, the beverage counters will help you better control consumption and you will enjoy a high quality 100% Mexican coffee from Veracruz with more than 13 varieties of beverages to enjoy during the meal. day. 


Low cost, monthly rent


variety of drinks




What our customers say 

“I was surprised by the quality. Most overroast the coffee and the aromatic complexity is lost. This coffee has an ideal roasting point, plus my team loves the aroma of coffee in the office..”

Hotel Casa Josep, Puerto Escondido.

“When we saw that we could have access to a subscription that guarantees us to have 100% Mexican coffee that guarantees us fresh ingredients every month... we immediately signed up!”

Sweet love,

San Luis Potosi.

“The best thing about every morning in the office is having different varieties of drinks in a single touch, ground at the moment and ideal for our weekly meetings”

Acciona Services, CDMX.

Good coffee = Higher productivity

Discover the potential of having a personalized coffee machine that saves you time, money and space. Keeping your collaborators happy and focused within the workspace

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Try the quality of our coffee!

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