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Refrigerator and / or electronic heater Kalerm 2L

Refrigerator and / or electronic heater Kalerm 2L


Classic Milk Cooler, providing an inexpensive way to keep milk cool and fresh. Direct fan cooling system can reach 15-20 degrees below ambient temperature. Compact size with internal capacity of 6Lt. Containing up to 2Lt in milk tretapack. Special hole easy to connect the milk tube to the coffee machine.

  • Technical specifications

    • Rated power: "Cool mode: 40-52W Hot mode: 32-50W"
    • Color: painted black (silver is optional)
    • Voltage: AC220V, DC12V
    • NG / GW: 3.4 / 4.0 kg
    • Capacity (inside): 6L
    • Cable length: 1 m
    • Cooling: about 15 ℃ below room temperature
    • Insulation: Solid CFC-free polyurethane foam
    • Inner size (W * D * H): 163x140x283mm
    • Product size (W * D * H): 213x275x343mm
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