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Kalerm coffee maker - K2602

Kalerm coffee maker - K2602

SKU: K2602-220

Automatic coffee machine, economic model. simple panel with  product alternatives: Pure and American Espresso

Prepare an American coffee or an espresso

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  • Main Advantages

    • Optional touch button or mechanical button
    • Patented brew unit system with automatic cleaning function
    • Intelligent control system with fault warning and information reminders
    • Precise grinding system to guarantee the quality of a perfect espresso
    • Easy to use and maintain
  • Technical specifications

    Article Specification
    Voltage/Frequency 220-240V/50-60Hz
    heating power 1400W
    pump pressure 19 bars
    Water tank capacity 1.8L
    Bean container capacity 250g
    Ground coffee capacity 15 servings
    Coffee outlet height 80~115mm
    Power cord length 1.5m
    Dimensions (length x width x height) 370*302*450mm
    NO/GW 11.5kg/13kg
    load quantity  (20',40',40HQ) 340 / 685 / 816 units
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