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Why is it called espresso coffee?

It is the base of many and diverse preparations, a true benchmark of coffee culture and an unmissable, without a doubt, of any business where coffee is the protagonist. Learn about the history of espresso coffee.

As soon as the day begins and we want to give our body a little energy, we order a coffee in any of its forms: macchiato, cappuccino, latte, American coffee, among others and, what many do not know is that its base is the same: an espresso coffee.

Espresso coffee is essential in the preparation of many of the drinks we know today, but perhaps, despite the obviousness of its name, many do not know the story that forever changed the way we drink coffee. For this reason, at Café Algraná we have a historical review so that you know why it is called espresso coffee.

More than 100 years of espresso tradition

It was the year 1884 and the Kingdom of Italy was in its fury. Coffee was a well-known drink in many social circles in the different regions, but preparation was still slow and that process needed to be speeded up. With this problem, Angelo Moriondo presented at the General Exhibition in Turin an invention that would revolutionize coffee forever: “New steam machinery for the economical and instantaneous production of coffee drinks,‘ A method. Moriondo '”.

After this, patents came and went from different people, the most prominent was Luigi Bezzera, who patented a machine capable of passing boiling water and steam to extract the deepest flavors and most delicious aromas of coffee in less than a minute. , giving formal origin to espresso.

This new method of preparation was characterized by its speed, its high level of concentration in flavor and a creaminess thanks to the pressure exerted on the coffee that made it a must in Italian bars, which went from being exclusive places to being places to recharge energy in the world of workers.

So this is the origin of the term espresso, which is initially due to the invention of a machine that allowed the preparation of high quality coffee in record times for the time, and despite the fact that the methods are increasingly faster, more powerful and therefore better, the essence remains the same.

One method, multiple possibilities

Knowing the historical bases of espresso coffee, we can review its benefits and characteristics that are basically summarized in its practicality and diversity of options that allow the creation of all kinds of preparations around it.

Do you know everything you can prepare with an espresso? There are many options, from pure espresso, through Americans and any recipe you can imagine in which you need a little coffee of the best quality and with a delicious flavor.

Thanks to this versatility, espresso coffee can be your best ally to enter the world of barista and prepare the most surprising coffee drinks.

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