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Superautomatic coffee maker

Unique experience

Enlarge your office or business with a single touch.


Sobre Café Algraná

At Café Algraná we offer a comprehensive service to large corporations, hotel chains, hospitals, amusement parks, offices and also small-scale coffee shops, providing careful attention and quality.

Selección y Proceso

Mexico is a producer of some of the finest coffees in the world and is a world leader in the production of organic coffee, at Café Algraná our goal is to promote Mexican coffee in its best expression of origin and with the best process and delivery, giving freshness and superior quality to all our customers and seeking to return to the inhabitants of the coffee-growing areas the inspiration and pride that comes from the feeling of having done a good job that is also reflected in the optimal payment of their products because in ...

Soluciones Algraná



Desde la selección hasta el tueste, llevamos la excelencia a tu taza.


Máquina de café Karlerm, combinando diseño y funcionalidad.


Estamos aquí para ti, garantizando que tu experiencia sea fluida.

De la Finca a tu Taza

Nuestro Café

Café Algraná representa la fusión perfecta entre tradición y modernidad. Nuestro compromiso es traer a tu mesa el verdadero sabor y aroma del campo mexicano

Taza de café perfectamente preparada con la máquina Karlerm
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