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110v Automatic Challenge Mill

110v Automatic Challenge Mill


The Challenge mill has been designed and manufactured with the needs of our customers in mind and therefore provides the highest quality and precision. Ideal for any consumer center.  The conical strawberries with a special finish together with a turning speed of no more than 600 rpm allow to obtain a Quality grind while preserving the aromas contained in the coffee beans.

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  • Main Advantages

    • The CHALLENGE mill has been designed and manufactured thinking about the needs of our customers and therefore demanding the highest Quality, Robustness and Precision.
    • The best materials have been selected in its manufacture, achieving great stability and ease of use.
    • Accuracy: the Instant Dosing model incorporates a timer (Timer) that allows you to adjust the amount of coffee doses in each cup.
    • The new and exclusive lever of the dispenser gives it the Robustness necessary to withstand a high daily workload.
  • Technical specifications

    Colour Metallic silver
    Motor 110 V- 60 Hz; 140 w
    Turning speed: 600 rpm
    Strawberries Conics
    Dosing capacity: 130 g of ground coffee.
    Hopper capacity: 500 g of coffee beans.
    Measures length 270 mm, height 375 mm, width 165 mm.


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